Privacy vs. Play: Navigating Security Risks for League of Legends Players

May 2, 2024 12:59 PM
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Concerns about privacy and security are rising among players of the popular game League of Legends, developed by Riot Games. This is due to software installed with the game that has capabilities similar to a rootkit, allowing it broad access to users' systems. This post explores what this means for players, how it affects them, and provides tips for those who wish to continue playing safely.

Who is Affected

Every player who installs League of Legends is potentially affected by this software. Given its rootkit-like functions, the software can access extensive areas of a player's operating system, potentially impacting millions worldwide who have the game installed.

How It Can Happen

The software in question is part of Riot Games' strategy to combat cheating by monitoring system processes that interact with League of Legends. Installed automatically with the game, it operates with high-level privileges, ostensibly to prevent cheating but at the cost of deep system access.

What to Look Out For

Players should be alert to signs that may indicate the software is misusing its access:
  • Decreased system performance.
  • Unexpected requests for administrative permissions.
  • Unusual network activities suggesting data transmission without your consent.

How to Stay Safe

To balance gaming with security, consider these steps:
  1. Update and Monitor: Keep your system and software updated. Use tools to monitor system and network activity for anything unusual.
  1. Use Antivirus Programs: Employ robust antivirus software to detect potential misuse of the software's capabilities.
  1. Evaluate Your Comfort with the Risks: Understand the extent of access you're granting by installing the game, and decide if it aligns with your personal privacy standards.

Making the Choice

If you are concerned about privacy, playing League of Legends involves a critical decision. You must either accept the potential risks associated with the rootkit-like software or consider discontinuing use to protect your personal data. It's a stark choice between enjoying the game and guarding your digital privacy—an important consideration for any user who values their online security.


The use of invasive anti-cheat systems by games like League of Legends poses serious privacy and security dilemmas for players. It's crucial to be informed about what installing such a game entails and to take proactive steps to mitigate risks. Balancing the joy of gaming with the imperative of digital security allows players to make informed decisions that align with their personal privacy expectations.